Thursday, March 22, 2012

Asia Society Gala: Toujours Table Decor!

Toujours Magazine was asked to create a designer table for this week's Asia Society Gala at the Plaza Hotel in New York.  Co-Founder Meghan Beierle-O'Brien and Art Director Dana Beierle worked tirelessly to put together the perfect table decor.  They decided on a youthful/feel and hung lit globes from a cherry blossom tree, filled tall cylinders with delicate orchids and fighter fish, lined the table with a Chinese inspired fuschia table runner, infused color, and used lots of glass and candles to create a shimmering table.  
It was an amazing night chaired by benefactors Betsy and Ed Cohen and Stephanie and John Foster.  And the Toujours table had the honor of hosting John Foster and his guests!  We were delighted to meet talented interior and clothing designers throughout the night.  And we will definitely be posting more photos of the event.  But first, here are some shots of the table!
 The fish:
 (don't worry, the fish were not harmed and now are living happily in Brooklyn…)

The hanging lanterns:
Dana lighting the table:
 The linens:
 All lit!
A huge thank you to Penelope Dwyer of the Asia Society, who invited us to participate in the event!

Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY Monday: Simple Loveliness

We love small DIY projects!  If there are only a few steps in a project, we can definitely get on board.  Here are some of our favorites that are floating around Pinterest right now….
The most adorable wrapping!  Any variation on this theme would be gorgeous 

Attach little magnets to the back of tins when they are empty for the perfect pencil holder on your fridge!

Attach a simple leather belt to a clock to create a higher end look that hangs

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Art We Love: Color for Sunday!

Spring is almost here! Check out some fabulous art we love that is chock full of color and makes us happy.