Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Issue 003 Extra: DIY with the Wild Salvages

The Wild Salvages of Los Angeles are amazing up-cyclers that use remnants and found objects, revive them and then find them a new home.  We adore their work!  If you haven't already, definitely check out their article on page 53.  In the article we have linked here to show you some detailed instructions for your very own leftovers and a DIY project to keep you busy when it's just too cold to go out!

Projects for DIY at heart:
Turn any glass jar or bottle into a unique, personalized decorative vase. 

- Decoupage paper (or newspaper)
- Decoupage glue
- Brush 
- Scissors or paper cutter
- Glass bottle or jar (cleaned first!)
- Twine/jute/thread/etc for added decoration

Measure and cut the length of paper you will need to cover the body of your bottle or jar. Paint on a thin layer of glue either to the paper or bottle. Then carefully place one edge of paper up the length of the bottle, and wrap the rest until it covers entire bottle. You will have a little time before the glue sets to wiggle it into place if it's a bit crooked at first. For the neck of the bottle, if you choose, you can spread on another thin layer of glue, then wrap your jute or thread around and around until it's covered. While you're wrapping, you will need to paint on some more glue, and then again once you're done (it will dry clear). And viola! You now can use it for flowers, succulents, or whatever thrills you!)

Duvet cover
For the savvier do-it-yourself-er

- Material or king size flat sheet in color and print of your choosing (for top)
- King size flat sheet for bottom (neutral or complimentary color) 
- Snaps.

If you buy material from a fabric store, make sure you buy more than what your final duvet cover measurements are. For a queen/full, for example, your final piece will be 88" x 88". These measurements can easily be found online. For a greener, less expensive option you can use a king size flat sheet you've got lying around or find in a thrift shop.

Spread out your bottom flat sheet, "good" side down. Line up your top sheet, "good" side up, even with one side and the top (closest to where your pillows will be). You are going to be sewing it inside out.

Two edges now should line up. Use pins to secure along the top (where pillows will be). Sew. Repeat along the side that you matched up. The third side is the same process, but you may need to cut some excess fabric before you pin and sew. For the bottom, pin about a third of the way from each side towards the middle. Sew each side. What's left is where you will place the snaps. Hem the top sheet and bottom sheet individually so it looks "finished." Now you can turn the duvet cover inside out (which is actually the "right" way for use). Place snaps across evenly, on the inside of the hemmed edges, and sew (how many is up to you, but we recommend at least three for a queen/full). 
*This modern headboard pictured above was also described in the article - here is the recap:
We found the King headboard on the street in a very boring, dated stain, we grabbed this puppy and turned it into a hip and modern piece with some matte black paint and an eco clear coat.
For more of the Wild Salvages, check out their website at www.wildsalvages.com

Monday, January 23, 2012

Issue 003: COLOR: Full of Hues to Cure your Winter Blues!

Issue 003 is live and it's dreamy!  
Click here to check out our latest edition…
Jan/Feb Edition - All about color...

Behind Issue 003: Designer to Watch

This month we are featuring designer Heike Jarick's colorful, elegant clothing in the magazine.  When we visited Heike's studio in NYC, she excitedly dressed our Fashion and Art Editor, Sasha Sullivan, to the nines.  
We had such a great time on the shoot with Heike and her interns that we thought we would share some extras and behind the scenes shots of this designer that you should definitely keep an eye on..
Sasha in Heike's new coat available now:
A luxurious vest paired with the "perfect" leather pants - Sasha wanted to snatch them from the showroom!
One of Heike's fabulous interns couldn't resist this dramatic jacket
And the matching hat...
the perfect light weight rain coat
Heike helping dress one of her models:
To learn more about Heike, check out our latest issue on page 51. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Issue 003: Hint hint….

While walking home on a balmy (hah) night this week in NYC, I literally dropped my phone when I saw the new Bloomingdale's windows.  They are completely on target with the theme of our Jan/Feb Issue (going LIVE MONDAY!), that I just had to take some photos to share and see if our readers could guess our direction for Issue 003.  And, honestly, after sadly seeing the 5th Ave windows taken down here in NY after New Year's, I was so happy to see such inspired, yet simple windows all over the city so soon after.  While the holidays may be over, it feels like creativity is blooming….
- Happy window shopping!  Co-founder Meghan Beierle-O'Brien

So, any guesses for Issue 003's theme??

Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Products we love!

Winter can be so rough on your skin.  This year, don't let the winter blues get the best of you and check out some of our contributors' favorite products.  We are obsessed with the super natural ingredients that each of these skin care companies use and the amazing outcome they have on our skin.  
These products are all tested and tried by our team and we give them a huge thumbs up!
The ayurvedic PRATIMA line brings together the wisdom of nature and the intelligence intrinsically embedded in every ingredient to deliver organic formulas that profoundly restore and visibly transform.  Pratima has customizable skin care lines and a very knowledgeable staff.  The shop is in NY, but you can always shop online!
We love their Rare Earth Mask - great for evening out skin tone & full of great vitamins.  And their Organic Rose Bath Oil is so soothing and the perfect addition to your winter bath.
Mom's Stuff is an all natural salve handmade for your hands, feet, lips, and anywhere else you may have chapped or cracked skin. Most of the ingredients are known to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to them. The incredible salve is made from comfrey from the owner's garden, olive, apricot, almond, neem, jojoba oils, lanolin, beeswax, pinion pine pitch, tea tree, and rosemary essential oils. This is an amazing salve for anyone who can't keep their skin from cracking - it's truly a skin saver!  Our Art Editor Sasha keeps this on her at all times for a hand repair.
Priya Means Love is a handcrafted line of products for skin, body, and hair, dedicated to radiant beauty without compromise.   Their products are 100% natural - every single ingredient is natural, simple, and recognizable.  Most of the PML ingredients are organically grown, and are sourced ethically, wild-harvested, and use fair trade raw materials, focusing on produce from small businesses and small producers.  Our Co-Founder Meghan is completely addicted to the Lavanilla body butter to hydrate and Pomegranite Eye Serum for a fresh look!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Issue 3: In the Works

With a view like this, who wouldn't be inspired?  We are working away on Issue 3 and wanted to share our fantastic inspirational view from the ever beautiful NYC.  Amazing contributions in this issue from Lulu Powers, Emily Ruddo, Dawn Moore, artist Sylvia Raz, artist Sasha Sullivan, photographer Beth Coller, writers Karen Millet and Jeff Mark, Art Director Dana Beierle and SO many more are coming together so beautifully.  And those are just our contributors! Our featured designers and artists are an impressive group, but you'll have to wait to see….We are getting and excited and you should be too!  Just a few weeks and you will be dazzled with design, art, and inspiration for this New Year!