Friday, June 29, 2012

Toujours Patriotic Decorating Guide!

Check out the new Patriotic Party Guide - out today!  
Designer Emily Ruddo of Armonia Decors gives great tips for creating a festive, easy Fourth of July party!  Here are some extra photos and tips for great decorating.
Giving your guests a little snack while they eat is always a good idea - and we love how Emily garnished the glass with a slice of watermelon!
Simple roses and peonies make our dessert table sing!  And just throwing simple Red Vines in a glass and finding red and blue M&M's help round out the theme.
 We love the tropical outdoor blue table cloth paired with red and white polka dotted napkins Emily chose!  And these little shells are a great way to keep your napkins from blowing away.
We love Emily's cupcake fruit toppers - a healthy and pretty way to decorate - we only use food coloring in non-edible decorations!  

Check out the full spread here!!