Friday, December 2, 2011

Jordana Silver's Wish List

Toujours Mag asked designer Jordana Silver to forward us her Christmas wish list this year…it was so good we just had to share it!  Check out Jordana's 12 gifts of Christmas.  Better get to shopping!  
Enjoy! The Toujours Team

Dearest Santa,
It is that time of year where I write and share all my wants for this holiday season. No need to ask... I have been very good this year! I stuck to my one croissant a day policy while in Paris. I refrained from my weekly shopping jaunts. I even had a few good weeks of dedication to the gym.
Let me cut to the chase... I have listed below my most coveted presents for this holiday season. I should mention that I listed 12 to be symbolic for the 12 Days of Christmas but as a Jewess and there being only 8 days of Hanukkah, I would be totally content receiving your favorite 8 presents from the list.
Lots of love, Jordana

(In no particular order) 
1. Cardigan by Lynne Hiriak - Anyone will dazzle in this sweater.’s on sale so please order before it sells out! 
2. Jonathan Adler Brass Muse Bottle OpenerSuch a great gift for myself and anyone throwing a holiday party. 
3. Fresh Mini Sugar Kissing Trio - Love Fresh and these moisturizing sticks always keep my lips in tip top shape during the winter months. 
4. Balenciaga Arena Giant First Bag -  I have been eyeing this bag for years and still heart it. (Please make it one of the eight presents!) The antiqued rose gold hardware is amazing. Plus it is so functional. My Mac laptop can definitely fit in it!
5. J Crew Snood - Love a snood! Takes the guesswork out of tying a scarf properly. I have a few but can always use more especially in classic black. 
6. Jonathan Adler Playing Cards - My father and I love to play gin rummy for hours. He always beats me. I wish I could say I let him but he is just a better player. We could play in style if we had these. 
7.  Laura Merkin iPad Pouch - After I was stuck on a plane for 6+ hours with no tv this year, I learned that it is imperative to always travel with my ipad. This case is perfect for when I am on the go.
8. Teuscher Champagne Truffles - My most favorite chocolates. 
9. Sisteron Wool Throws - Curling up and enjoying a cup of delicious tea is almost a nightly occurrence. Would love this throw to use for my nightly downtime. 

10. Byredo Gypsy Water - This is the only perfume I have bought multiple bottles of. I can always use more! 
11. Super Edition Scrabble - My mom and I enjoy this classic game. Need my own set. 
12. Michael Kors Aviators - Everyone needs these classics to complete their wardrobe. Mine got squashed last year. Need a new pair. 

Happy Shopping!!  Drink some eggnog and enjoy!  

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