Friday, August 3, 2012

Beauty Attracts

What attracts us?  Lexus put on quite the party themed with the laws of attraction this week to introduce the new Lexus LS and we had the inside scoop with designer Jonathan Adler and creative director Simon Doonan, who co-curated the event.
Toujours Editor-in-Chief Meghan Beierle-O'Brien and Design Editor Emily Ruddo giddy after interviewing Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler.  They were so cheeky and fun - great interview, which will come out in the next issue of Toujours!
The VIP space filled with great Jonathan Adler decor:
All sorts of anticipation brewing as the Lexus is about to be officially revealed:
 The LS revealed. 
 We got to take a look inside the LS Hybrid, which we will reveal next week - so fabulous - the attention to detail on this car is impeccable.  And sensational photographer Ellen von Unwerth photographed celebrity power couples, such as Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan, Jaime King and Kyle Newman, & Jason Schwartzman and Brady Cunningham with the new LS.  
Check out one of our favorites with Schwartzman and Cunningham:
 Side view of the LS with great von Urnwerth shots of Adler/Doonan, Schwartzman/Cunningham, and King/Newman in the background
 Not a bad spot for a party...
 Our new adoration, Kudra, who founded Tailored, which donates money for every suit purchased to challenged communites:
How much do you love that suit lining?  We spotted him from across the room...
 might be the closest they get to driving one anytime soon!
 Parting shot - loved the combo...definitely attracts

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