Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspired Decor for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween can be a bit cheesy, so this fall, we are taking inspired tips from artist and art editor, Sasha Kinens.  While in New York shooting I got to stay at Sasha's home and completely loved her mantle display.  Enjoy the shots and send us your favorite holiday decor shots to  We would love to feature some of our readers!
Happy Spooking!
Sasha pinned up fabric over some unsightly bookshelves in her living room that she and her husband were not ready to deal with.  I love the way the fabric feels like wall paper without the mess or fuss.  Such a great way to hide an unattractive part of a room!
Sasha lighting the candles around her cast plaster skull  and tree branches collected in her yard.
Pillar Candles from Pottery Barn glow, a plaster skull, and a Moroccan perfume bottle are just a few of Sasha's favorite accessories.
While Sasha found her metal house that houses her pillar candles at a resale shop, here is a link to one you can buy online.  
Feathers are everywhere this fall.  Make sure to pick up some great ones from your local craft store, fabric shop, or vintage store.

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  1. I love this--and what a good tip. Black feathers are so easy to get and make such great, classy, Halloween decoration!