Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Website we love: Cocodot

We adore Cocodot!  For our launch party, our fabulous Entertaining Editor Lulu Powers suggested that we use cocodot for the online invitations and we flipped over them.  Lulu has a fabulous designer summer collection with coco.  We adore the ready made designs and the simple upload process if you want to design your own.  Our Art Director, Dana Beierle, came up with the design we decided to use and then we chose their vellum envelope.  We love the way the invitation is animated and opens online to keep the feel of a real invite.  
Here's the invite Dana ended up designing!
Cocodot did a great blog post on the party - we love reading about ourselves!
Check out some adorable invites for the holiday season:
click on each photo to link to the selections for each holiday!
Happy Party Season!!

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